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• Induction asynchronous motor
• Bi-material shaft with Stainless Steel AISI 304 drive-end
• SKF sealed bearings
• Thermal protection (single phase), IE2 compliant (tri-phase 0.75kW )
• IE3 compliant (tri - phase > 0.75kW)
• IP-X5
• Inlet/Outlet-1.5" BSP tapped
• Unions-50 mm
• Unions included - No
• Salt resistancy-0.40%


• Soft Starting
• Low Noise
• Centralized Control (RS485)
• PID Control
• Precise Control
• Automatic Defrost
• Full Inverter Technology
• Free WIFI Module as standard
• High COP & Efficiency
• Self-developed driver board with gas cooling technolo
• 5 inch Colorful touch screen display
• Heating & Cooling


• ClearPro is a patented technology by Pentair to reach a very fine level of filtration somewhat 4 times better than with a conventional sand filter (about 10p vs 40mu )
• This purity is achieved thanks to new porous laterals
• The laterals act like additional filters creating an extra barrier against the finest particle as a result, the water is crystal quality
• ClearPro approaches DE filter clarity with sand filter functionality


• One piece, fiberglass reinforced tank with UV resistant coating
• Seamless composite construction eliminate risks of leaks, rust or corrosion
• Easy to use water drain for simplified service and winterizing
• Filter fittings are threaded for easy servicing


Deck Jet
• Deck Jet includes five interchangeable water effect eyeballs that are easy to remove and simple to change. Also includes construction shield.
• Streams reach to eight feet, and direction can be easily adjusted
• Low water pressure requirement for minimum impact on pump performance
Deck Jet II
• Height is adjustable to a maximum of six feet. Water direction is adjustable up to 360 degrees
• Easy-to-adjust nozzles enable your creativity: concentrate all streams into a single entry point, overlap streams of different heights, or create a symmetrical, multi-stream archway...and more
• Quality design assures low water flow requirements and eliminates any concerns about standing water or unwanted debris collection
• Attractive installation with no unsightly or unsafe edges or screws


• Microprocessor-controlled LED light source has ability to tosynchronize with the IntelliBrite 5g LED Pool Lighting for dynamic and synchronized colored light shows
• Provides 5 brilliant fixed colors. 7 dazzling light shows
•Nighttime lighting effects include the ability to hold on a steady color or scroll through a range of available colors.
• Installation is made flush to your deck or other surface: no unsightly or unsafe edges
• Laminar deck lids are available in tan, black, and gray The technical principal behind Mal-Stream Laminars is to remove all turbulence and air bubbles from the water before projecting it through a finely- machined nozzle. The laminar water flow is very non-turbulent, so it keeps its surface tension and flows through the air in a smooth, clean, unbroken stream, instead of spraying apart into droplets.


• Easy Control
• Double Refrigerants R32 & R410A
• Cost Effective with a COP of up to 5.0 the units save energy and maintain cost-effective for users


• Full DC Inventer Technology
• 28dB(A)Low Noise at 10m Distance
• Smart App Remote Control
• Soft Starter
• Sliding Defrost Technology


• Compact design, fits most technical rooms
• For above ground and inground pools up 90 m3
• Polarity switching makes it self cleaning and suitable for high calcium areas
• 6000 hour blade life
• Vertically or horizontally mounting
• Easy-to-view displays for fast checking of salt levels, cell cleanliness, sanitizer output and water flow
Chloring adjustment according 3 levels is as easy as pressing two buttons • Integrated sensors to ensure adequate water flow for safer chlorine generation
• For residential pools only. For commercial pools, please contact your local Pentair representative MinimamflowBm * 3 / h


Technical Features : • Filtration, water temperature and light control
• Control and diagnostics of IntelliFlo variable speed pumps
• Control salt chlorinator or dosing pump (provided separately) by DRP regulation and digital display of ORP value locally and remotely
• Adjustment of pH set point and digital display of pH value locally and remotely
• Control and advanced diagnostics of the IntelliChlor® chlorinator
• System connects wireless to the home internet router to provide remote monitoring and control anywhere, anytime from a computer, smartphone or tablet (not included)
• Pool Professionals can remotely monitor and perform maintenance from a computer, smartphone or tablet
• Real-time information on the status of your swimming pool and your equipment


Easy to carry and ergonomic
• Very thin with ultra-compact dimensions and weighing less than 6 kg, it is as easy to carry as a small school bag.Equipped with a very fast water drain coupling system, taking it out of the water is a real joy.Its design makes its transport, storage and also taking it out of your pool quicker and easier.

Methodical and effective
Fitted with a smart navigation system, our little fish starts by: • scanning the pool, • optimising its cleaning, • adapting its speed to the slope of the pool.
It does its job perfectly during its cycle with minimal energy con-sumption, leaving you more time to enjoy your pool. You will appreciate its perfect movement and turning, made pos-sible by its two motors and its drive system. You will admire it elegantly climbing the walls and obstacles.

Easy to maintain
Very comfortable in the water, the robot moves smartly, to the right,
to the left, forwards and backwards,
to avoid tangling its cable.
Once your pool is clean, access to the filter and cleaning are very easy. You simply need to press the button located on the front of the robot to open the cover and flush the filter(s) with water: child's play! Get more out of your pool by reducing maintenance times.

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